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DIY Roofing Mistakes

As a homeowner, having a roof over your head is something that can easily be taken for granted. In most cases the roof is one of the last things that are thought about when it comes to up-keep and maintenance for your property. If you are thinking about performing basic roof maintenance yourself, we have included the most common DIY mistakes that you need to avoid that cause damage to your roof.

1. Pressure Washing Your Shingle Roof: Under no circumstances should a shingle roof be cleaned with a pressure washer. The excess water pressure will cause the granules on perfectly good shingles to loosen, making them thin and brittle. It can also loosen or pop the nails that keep your shingles in place, causing your shingles to blow off during the next big rainstorm. On top of the damage that can be caused, using a pressure washer while standing on a steep roof is extremely dangerous due to the slick wet surface. If you would rather clean the roof yourself, take the necessary safety precautions first and use a soft wash system or hose to remove any mildew, bacteria, or debris from the roof.

2. Placing New Shingles on Top of Old Shingles: Re-covering new shingles over the old ones might sound cost-effective and appealing, but a roof replacement later due to the roof’s inefficiency and added weight will cost you exponentially more. Shingles are designed for flat and even surfaces and should never be forced into gaps or bumpy surfaces i.e., architectural shingles. The added layers of shingles prevent the proper installation of water and ice leak barriers, causing water to leak underneath the shingles. In some cases, re-covering can void the warranty on new shingles so you should always check the manufacturer’s warranty.

3. Walking on Your Roof: If necessary to walk on your roof for an inspection or maintenance, try to keep it to a minimum. Excessive walking on the roof can cause the tread of your shoe to wear down the granules on the shingles. Walking on shingles in extreme heat can scar shingles. As talked about before, this will weaken the shingles at a much faster rate than naturally.

4. Neglecting Your Attic: It is imperative to check for proper ventilation in your attic. Improper ventilation will lead to condensation, leaks, and mold growth. This can be prevented by cleaning both the intake vents and exhaust vents with an air compressor or soft and long bristled broom. Never cover your vents with the hopes of keeping pests and cold air out of your home- it will only cause more damage by baking your shingles and prematurely aging them.

5. Picking the Best-Looking Roof Materials: We get it- you want to pick out materials that you think would look best on your home. The problem in doing so is the materials might not be suited for the environment in which you live. Using the wrong kind of materials for your roof can lead to a multitude of problems including increased energy bills, recurrent leaks, rusted or warped metal panels, and algae growth to name a few. It is advised to consult with a professional to ensure the use of correct materials for your roof.

While some DIY repairs are all well and good, it is important to know your limits in terms of experience and knowledge. The last thing you would want to do is cause more harm than good that would lead to doubling your expenses. If you are having any issues with your roof system and are not sure what to do next, give Prime Home Improvement a call or click below to book online. Our team of highly professional and experienced employees will perform an inspection and provide you with the best solution that fits your individual needs.

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