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Why It's Important to Find a Licensed Contractor

You wouldn’t let a surgeon that wasn’t properly licensed operate on your body, so why would you allow an unlicensed roofing contractor to work on the most important part of your house – your roof? Licensing is important to help hold roofing contractors to standards that can help protect your home. Don’t settle for a roofing contractor without one.

Using a Roofing Contractor without a License

Getting your roof worked on can be an expensive process. And many homeowners may try to find a roofing contractor that will do the work for less. This can sometimes result in using a roofing contractor who is unlicensed – simply because unlicensed contractors are often more likely to be less expensive than those who are properly licensed and insured.

Unfortunately, trying to take this financial shortcut could cost you a lot more than you realized.

The first thing you need to consider is why the roofing contractor may be unlicensed. Contractors who don’t have the proper training, knowledge, and expertise to be working on roofs may try to take roofing jobs without a license because they don’t have the skills necessary to become licensed. This means that you could be trusting your roof to someone that is going to do an inferior job. And poor workmanship often leads to more expensive repairs down the road where you need to have the original work redone.

Depending upon where you live, hiring an unlicensed roofing contractor could also land you in hot water legally as well. If your unlicensed contractor fails to complete the job, you may be prevented from suing them. And in some states, hiring an unlicensed roofing contractor can carry fines up to $5000 as well, which could lead your cost cutting to backfire in a big way.

Lack of License, Lack of Insurance

In addition to a lack of license, many unlicensed roofing contractors may not have insurance as well. This is because some insurance companies may require licenses before insurance is given. So you’re not only potentially risking poor workmanship and fines, you may also be risking liability if a roofer were to fall or get hurt on your property.

Lack of Certification

Many manufacturers of roofing products and shingles also offer certification to roofers. This certification means that the roofer has learned how to properly install their product, and may be eligible to offer extended manufacturer’s warranties.

A roofer who isn’t taking the time to get proper state license is unlikely to be following through on manufacturer certification as well. So you may be hiring someone who is untrained in the specific product that they are putting on your roof, and if something goes wrong, you won’t be covered by the extended warranties that can help give you peace of mind and offset the cost of future repairs.

You May Be Liable for Unpaid Bills

Unlicensed roofing contractors may also not be above failing to pay their subcontractors or suppliers after the work is done. Unfortunately, that leaves you in the position of needing to pay them – even if you’ve already paid for the work in full. This can result in a lien being put on your property until you settle the bills. Remember, you often can’t take an unlicensed roofing contractor to court, so you have no recourse to pursue them if he doesn’t pay his bills.

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