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Important Questions to ask your Roofing Professional

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Company Information

Are you licensed? You should be able to verify the license with the state.

Do you have workman’s comp insurance? By law contractors need to provide this insurance. It is however expensive so many try to skirt the issue. The problem for you is that if they don’t have it and someone was to get injured you could be forking over cash for medical bills.

Do you carry General Liability Insurance? Above covers the people, but this insurance covers your property. Don’t take their word for it, ask to see the proof of insurance.

Do you have a local phone number and address? This is a quick way to filter out the scammers. If something seems off check out the address they provide before you sign.


Do you provide written estimates? If there is not a record of the estimate all you have is the word of a salesman. A good company will be able to offer you a written or emails estimate within a day or two depending on the scope of work. Get the written estimate and look it over very well. Only sign if you are comfortable.

What type of warranty is on my new roof? If you don’t hear at least 25 years thank them for their time and move on. Most are 20 to 50-year warranties these days. A great follow up question would be, “Do you use all the material to qualify for the warranty?” Some will say there is a warranty then when the warranty is needed, the owner finds out why the roof was so cheap.

Is there going to be someone on site for me to speak with? A customer should be able to talk to the Service provider when needed. There should be a process in place for you to be able to communicate with the contractor.


Will you remove the old roof? Some companies will try to sell the idea of savings by not removing the old shingles. This however pushes the problem down the road and usually ends up in additional avoidable expenses.

Are you going to install drip edge when you install the new roof? Another item that some “Budget” companies will not add to the job. This protects water from damaging your home and is essential.

Will you use ladder stabilizers or standoffs to protect my gutters? It doesn’t make sense to get a new roof if your gutters get destroyed in the process. If they answer no to this ask them how they plan to ensure your gutters live through the process.

Will you dispose of the old shingles? Here is another item that sometimes ends up missing on an estimate. One would think this is part of the Service but not the “Budget” guys.

Where will you place the container for debris removal? Depending on the time of year or how close your house is to your neighbors this could present many issues. Be sure there is a plan before you sign.

What is your plan if the weather turns mid project? You want a roof not an indoor pool, right? Roofs are usually a quick one-day job. However, the weather sometimes can turn in a minute and there needs to be a plan B.

What is the cost of replacement plywood if rotten? With the recent lumber shortage, the price of plywood has gone up 4-5x what it was in 2019. This means that if you have a lot of rotten plywood, it could cost you hundreds of dollars to replace. Most should offer 1 to 2 sheets in their estimate but also let you know what the cost for additional will be.

How will you protect my landscaping during the project? This is another Service short fall in the industry. If the new roof ends up creating another project for you, was it worth it? A good contractor will have a plan in place to avoid flat tires.

That’s it! Thank you for letting us help you understand the part of your home that most usually don’t know much about…out of sight, out of mind. Well, that is fine until it isn’t. Be proactive! If you are living in Maryland and would like a free quote, please go to

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